Advantages of Tracer Leak Detection Technique

leak detection system Sniffer 430
Sniffer 430 is the ultimate leak detection system for small diameter water pipes. It operates using the tracer leak detection technique. A tracer gas (5% hydrogen and 95% nitrogen mixture) is injected into examined piping (underground, underfloor or other) under small pressure. Afterwards, inspection is performed to detect the area where the gas is escaping from a pinhole, crack or a leaking joint. Leak detection using tracer gas is especially suited for small diameter water lines in houses, gardens, air condition lines and others. Leaks are readily detected deep underground (3-4 meters), under ceramic or wooden floors or under concrete. In some cases, small drillings are performed on concrete to allow better gas passage.

The main advantages of Sniffer 430 system and tracer gas equipment in general compared to acoustic methods are:

  1. Sniffer 430 detects even small leaks that do not produce friction/turbulent flow.
  2. Sniffer 430 is not limited to any type of piping materials (metal, plastic, composite and etc.).
  3. Sniffer 430 can effectively detect leaks even under small pressure levels below 1 bar.

In-home leak detection system Sniffer 430 provides multiple advantages compared to thermal camera inspections. These include:

  1. Sniffer 430 detects real source of leak. Thermal cameras detects hot/cold spots where water accumulated while the real leak source can be at significant distance.
  2. Sniffer 430 leak detection is not limited in wet, high moisture or areas with reflecting ceramic tiles.
  3. Unlike thermal camera, Sniffer 430 detect leaks which are not necessary in eye contact, for example if leaks are located behind kitchen cabinet.

Possible limitations of tracer gas technique are:

  1. You need a tracer gas for examination and pipe should be shut off and pressurized by the gas.
  2. Impractical to test large diameter pipes because of large volumes of gas needed.

To summarize:

Sniffer 430 system is must to have for fast, reliable and accurate leak detection in underground and under slab piping, outdoor and indoor applications!      

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