The Ultimate Water Leak Detector


The Ultimate Water Leak Detector​

SNIFFER430 is an advanced water leak detector that uses the tracer gas technique to quickly and reliably locate even the smallest water leaks in underground, underfloor, and in-wall pipes

leak detection system Sniffer 430

Water Leak Detection Applications

Underground water leak detection

Sniffer430 readily detects water leaks in underground plastic, or metal piping. Leaks are detected under different types of soils, grass, or stone pavements with high reliability and at a significant depth.

Underfloor water leak detection

Sniffer430 is very effective in underfloor water leak detection. High sensor sensitivity allows fast detection of the smallest water leaks under wooden, ceramic tile and other types of flooring.

Leak detection in walls

Sniffer430 provides an excellent solution for finding a leak source in walls, in hard-to-access areas, behind furniture, and without direct contact.

Sniffer430 Leak Detector Design

Sniffer430 device design

Sniffer430 is easy to use, light and ergonomic device that comes with a large 7-inch capacitive touchscreen, hand and neck straps as well as a protective silicone cover.

Sniffer430 tracer gas sensor

Sniffer430 has a novel design of the wireless sensor with a built-in air pump that allows extremely fast detection of hydrogen even in small concentrations.

Sniffer430 Water Leak Detector in Action


Water leak detector
Jacobs Sniffer leak detector

Gas Detector

Hydrogen, H2 gas

PPM Readings Resolution

1 PPM H2

Gas Sensor Heat Up Time

1.5-10 minutes (vary under different environmental conditions)

Gas Sensor Pump Flow Rate

1.5 liters/min

PPM Update Rate

1 sec

Sensor to Device Communication

Wireless (Bluetooth BLE4),
10 meter communication distance
in open space

Screen Size & Type

Capacitive touchscreen, 7 inch


Replaceable Li-Ion 3.7V 3000mAh 18650 batteries (2 units in Device and 1 unit in H2 Sensor, not included)
Power adaptor: Input: AC 100-240V 50-60Hz
Output: DC12V 5A
Electric plug type: EU (2 pins)

Operational Temperature Range

-10deg C to 50deg C

Device Dimensions

197 x 121 x 36 mm without a silicone cover

H2 Sensor Dimensions

Total length: 800 mm
Sensor diameter: 60 mm
Rubber suction cup diameter: 100 mm

Sniffer430 System Package

• Sniffer430 Device.
• Sniffer430 H2 Sensor.
• AC power adapter.
• Silicon rubber protection case for
• Sniffer430 Device.
• Neck strip and hand strip.
• Rugged plastic case.

Package Dimensions

46x 34x 19cm

Package Weight


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