Tracer Gas Volume Needed for Testing your Piping

leak detection system Sniffer 430

Tracer Gas Volume

Tracer gas volume calculation is important prior every use of Sniffer for leak detection? Of course each pipe has its own length and diameter. Also, you may need to apply different levels of pressure. The formula to evaluate amount of gas is simple: Gas Amount = π x L x D^2/4 x P, where L is the pipe length, D is piping’s internal diameter, P is applied pressure.


Let say, you have 100 meter long pipe with 100 mm diameter. You plan to pressurize it by 1 bar pressure. Therefore, you will need 785 liters of at 1 bar pressure.

Few Practical Tips:

  1. In most cases, you do not need to remove all water from tested piping to perform tracer gas leak test.
  2. Take into consideration that a leaking pipe will constantly loose gas.
  3. You can assess tracer gas volume needed by accumulating water drained from the pipe.

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